Saturday, November 14, 2009

EtsyNJ Thanksgiving Sale

I love Etsy....Where else can you find the most amazing artisians, in one place.

Etsy NJ artisians are having a teamwide Thanksgiving Sale.  Below is a list of participating shops (more may be added later so stay tuned). Browse and Buy all you Christmas Gift Needs. 
Participating Shops:

Shops offering Free Shipping

Bella Mental:

Capital City Crafts:
Sterling silver jewelry with character!

Dragon's Den:
Handmade candles, soap, and lotion

Inspired Jewelry, Accessories, Guitar Straps, and Pendants

Knit Accessories

fabric covered button gifts and charm jewelry


Wearable Art – Hand forged silver Jewelry

Original Abbie:

Stefanie Silverman:
Original pastel and mixed media artwork, note cards

Susan Itkin Batik:
Hand-dyed clothing, home decor, wall art and cards

The Tote Trove:
Hand-painted totes, purse accessories, jewelry, and more!

theMayflower Fashions:

all natural sleeping sets, comforters, mattress pads, pillows and sleep sacks

Free Gift With Purchase

Be Noticed Jewelry:
wire, glass and stamped metal jewelry

Alathea Papergoods:
Scripture based stationery (and other papergoods)

Infant headbands/girls hair accessories

Frosted Treats:
Handmade Clay Charms, Jewelry, and Accessories

Happy Hound Creative:
Custom Stationary

Lori Citsay Jewelry:
Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Made By Melissa:
Handmade Jewelry and Crochet Accessories and Toys

Pipsqueak Soap Company:
Handmade Soap

The Soy Girl:
Soy Candles

10 - 20% off entire purchase (not including shipping)

Alonia Creations:
Accessories for women and children

Swanky Handmade Baubles! (Wire & Bead Jewelry)

Beach Chik Designs:
Personalized gifts and home d├ęcor

Bed Of Roses Boutique:
Hand Painted Glassware & More. Handcrafted Doggie Signs & Ornaments

Crochet Accessories

Designs By Denise:
Handmade jewelry for all occasions

Dribs n' Drabs:
Gifts and Supplies

JenSan Candles:
Handmade candles, organic soap, Dead Sea Bath Scrubs, Reed Diffusers and Crochet scented sachets

Knits, Jewelry, Apparel, Top Secret Goodies

New Hope Beading:
Handcrafted jewelry

The Crochet Nanny:
Custom crochet for babies and photographers

BOGO - Buy One Get One 50% Off

Miss Emma's Closet:
Miss Emma's closet is handmade for mommy and baby

Wreathmic Creations:
Handmade silk floral wreaths, arrangements and centerpieces

Friday, November 13, 2009

ETSYNJ Team Sale

Get some Christmas shopping and buy from some amazing NJ artisians!

Friday, November 6, 2009


  My creative neighbor was able to borrow some space and thought it would be fun to have a craft sale. She has invited many of her crafty and creative friends!!  has a about 60+ pieces of my art, but I will be bringing alot more to show.  Lots of never before shown pieces.  Please stop by if you can!!

Come see me at:
Law Offices of William J. Courney
(across Krausers, right before the circle)
200 Main Street
Flemington, NJ  08822

plenty of parking available in the back!!!

Come see me!  Currently working on some new holiday pieces.  Hopefully they will be ready for their debute'!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Sunday

No, I didn't plan on only blogging on Sundays....I have just lost track of all the other week days!  So........It's Sunday, the day after Halloween, and why do I feel like I just got thru the stressful preparation of Christmas?

All three kids had ideas what they wanted to be for Halloween and of course it wasn't something you could get at Party City..(I tried!!) so it left it to making it by hand.  Well, that would have been fine if ..1) they gave me a little advance notice and 2) I wasn't at the school all week running the book fair.....

3) and trying to fill orders when I wasn't doing all the other things I needed to do........ But I made it!  Sewing the last costume up about an hour before start time.......and all I wanted to do was crash on the couch...but couldn't do that.....I had made all those costumes for a reason......So off we went into the night.......,.,......and the problems began....

Halloween Parade was canceled due to we headed into the crowded downtown to trick or treat...small sidewalks......lots and lots and lots of people......and of course  my kids had the biggest and widest costumes of all...and they can't walk that fast twenty minutes in we were out of there.  Off to an easier place to beg for candy........but that still didn't go over well.....The robot was getting poked and couldnt see out of his hat...the soda can couldn't walk fast and was getting frusterated and the Egg (yes, that was suppose to be an egg, but I have limited sewing capabilities, no real pattern and in my limited time made it way tooo big and didn't have time to adjust) kept dropping her stuffing.....She looking like an egg hatching eggs...tooo funny!  So, we gave up, heading home and the heavens opened up......Soaking all.  That was when I called it a night and dragged a soggy can, soggy robot, and a droopy egg home for the night!!

All in all, I got a lot of laughs at the expense of my kids.   Have a great Week!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Sunday

Another Sunday has arrived and I am up earlier than I would like.  Just can't sleep.  I hate when that happens, especially when I have the weekend all to myself and I can do whatever I want.  So here I am, typing away. 

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in my little studio and made many items I actually love.  Will be posting in my shop shortly.  Creativity abound, but then that also leads to carpel tunnel flare ups.  I need to wear the brace more often, so it doesn't get so bad....because I am not giving up my torch!

This week will be busy...getting costumes made for halloween, the boys have a bookfair at their school I am chairing, and the normal mom stuff.  My daughter is set on being an Egg for Halloween.  Not the type of costume you can buy, of course.  So I am looking for an Egg Pattern, or  ideas on what to do.  She wants her head to stick out the top of a complete egg (cracked on top for her head I assume) and her arms and legs sticking out. I am afraid my only option is to get out the sewing machine...EEEEKKKK.

My youngest son wants to be a robot.  So, we spray painted boxes silver......and they still smell like paint after 3 days. HELP!!!  Luckily I had an old broken tv, so tore that apart for parts.  I think it will look nice after we are done....hopefully he will be able to see out of it and not fall down........The middle son is waiting till the last minute, so he can watch mommy run around like a mad women trying to get him ready.  Always the considerate one. :)

So that's my current week in a nutshell!  What are you up to????

Monday, October 12, 2009

I couldn't resist

I ran across these pics of all my babies and couldn't resist posting....Tho' the littlest one has more than tripled in size, and the human ones have had a haircut or two since then...but then was only 6 months ago... :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Happened....

What happened to the weekend?  It just disapeared.  I sit here rambling and writing, trying to remember what I did.  Well, once I remember, I hope it was a productive and fun one! My beautiful kids were with their father this weekend, so I thought I would sleep in every morning and go to bed early every night.......reality is I couldn't fall asleep until late every night, and woke up early every morning.....thus...I am writing this after waking up from my last weekend nap till two weeks from now, confused at where the weekend went.  Kids are expected home in one half I must type fast.......

I do know I spent alot of time using my torch.  So I will label this weekend Earring Weekend.  Below are a few things that were just posted to my shop on Etsy......


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

It was such a productive weekend, and finally got everything posted yesterday.  Check it out at  THANK YOU to my favorite Canadian customer!  You made my day!

Today is going to be a first for me!!  One of my closest friends, always watching out for me, is taking me for a manicure!  OK  you may big deal...but for me it is.  I chewed, not bit, my nails for MOST OF MY 44 years......It was  like a self mutilation, taking my frustrations and lack of control out on myself.  GROSS, yes!!.  I would always fist my hands so no one would see..haha, like you can hide that.  WELL, things have changed.  On Feburary 7, when I thought my world was falling apart, I stopped biting my nails.  It was a totally unconscious action.  In a way, the frusteration I took out on my nails fanished.....wierd but when I question my decisions from that day forward I look down at my hands and rejoice.  (Now I am just trying to learn everyday activies with nails!  It's wierd)

Everyday there seems to be something new to be thankful for.  Today, I am thankful to my friends and customers!! Love to all!!


Death is not the greatest loss in's what dies inside us while we're alive.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just POSteD to my shop!

Happy Sunday!

Hope all are having a peacefull Sunday, and looking forward to the new week.  The adventure once again, begins. 

Last night, my daughter was at a GirlScout Camporee, so my twin boys thought it would be a good time for a sleep over, because their sister wasn't around to paint their tonails or put makeup on them while they were sleeping.  They had a point, so they invited their friend.  I don't no what went wrong, BUT, they were sooooooo good!!! No fighting, arguing, bickering...they played so nicely then when it was time for bed, they went to bed....I am still in shock.

  I have to say...I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING CHILDREN.  (I know, you do to! that's why I know you will understand!)

 I worked in my little studio all day yesterday and came up with some cool stuff.  I know I have almost made it as I true artist....I have bandaids every where!  my fingers are a mess....I stepped on some metal, and it went thru my flip flop..Ouch,,,ect.,....woo hoo!  I may have spongebob bandaids all over me but i am an ARTIST!!!

Will post pics later....Have a Happy Day!!

Spring Break 2009...with their cousin (center)..Andrew?? where are you??

Friday, October 2, 2009


Meribella is having it's first ever Sale!!!!  BOGO It's a buy one, get 31% off the second item .There is a need to celebrate the change of seasons, from warm to cold.....leaves are falling and it's getting darker earlier, so what better thing to do but SHOP!!!

Peruse my collection, I will be adding more thru the weekend.  Buy your favorite item, and then your next purchase or equal or lessor value will be 31% off!!  (I will refund the difference, or if you prefer, send you a corrected invoice before payment!)  OCTFUN (enter at checkout in buyers comments)

SHOP SHOP SHOP (and, as always, do not hesitate to contact me with ?????'s))))))

Have fun!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ReUse, Recycle, and Reinvent

My Tin Can Tammy..........recycle and reinvent!  She is made out of a soup can....and ready for a rainy day.... she is still a work in progress but I like the way she turned out........stay tuned......

Monday, September 28, 2009

I love to create, create and create and it is never the same thing. One day I may work with re-using everyday items another day its torching something. But I seem to keep going back to the same theme. Kids. It started with my Circle of Love pendent (see my etsy store for a pic) because I couldn't find a pendent that I liked, that represented my kids. Now I just go kid crazy. I am having so much fun with this new line. I have included pics of my current work that will be posting to Etsy shortly. And, I have lots of new idea's to try out...just waiting on the supply fairy to arrive.
Have a great Monday...back to work I go....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sunday

A view of my messy back yard....Can you hear the pitter patter of the rain??

Luke. A big snuggly love muffin.

It's Sunday morning......the house is soo are with their dad and I am taking a slow morning......Yesterday was such a productive day, filled an order with a new item . Love it...and will be posting pics shortly.

More later, but for now a view of what my morning is.......raining outside and babysitting our granddog........(the screaming cat disappeared. Guess the audience he had wasn't appreciative enough to his antics)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Missing the pic???

Just like I thought.....picture is missing.....lets try this again.

New Blog, lots of thoughts...PROCEED WITH CAUTION

My dream has always been to be an self supporting Artist. Well, with that said, reality got in the way. I took the path where I could make actual money to support a family. BUT, I am realizing life is pretty short, you never know what tomorrow with bring and its time to take the plunge and follow my heart. Money is not everything...I just need enough to support my family.

I love making jewelry. Wearable Art....I feel I am a little ADD when it comes to creating because there is so much out there, so many ideas, I sometimes find it hard to focus. I like to think of it as enthusiasim or excitement,

My favorite tool is my butane torch.....When I am having a tough day, I know that little torch is there for me to light up and melt something. OHHHH the therapy bills that has saved me!!

OK...enough rambling for now. Today I want to show you something I made.....FYI....I am new at this blogging and not sure on the technical picture may show up somewhere else.............

It's a new beginning!

Welcome.......My first post! Wow....I have been wanting to start a blog for sometime now. I love reading other people's blogs. It makes you feel more connected and not alone in the world, which we all feel at times.

More later but just wanted to say HI!