Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the newest creations are................................

More little people!!! Woo Hoo!  I just need to finish them up and will post on Etsy shortly!


Pendent (need to add a necklace to it!)

Another Pendent, just need to add a cord to it!

Its Hard to see but this is three kids connected in a ring
And of course my favorite Number, representing the 3 kids that give me my

Stay to my studio again, this time to experiment with copper!!

So Sorry!

I have so neglected posting.  Some days I have lots to say, but don't want to bore you...other days, more than the other days, I have nothing to say.  I finished some new creations yesterday and hope to get pics posted later today.  Another line of my little people sculptures.  I am so excited at the results and the other ideas I want to try.....only thing is I am running out of silver.....oops.  More later...including pics!

Happy Saturday!  Stay Warm ALL!