Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Hope all are having a peacefull Sunday, and looking forward to the new week.  The adventure once again, begins. 

Last night, my daughter was at a GirlScout Camporee, so my twin boys thought it would be a good time for a sleep over, because their sister wasn't around to paint their tonails or put makeup on them while they were sleeping.  They had a point, so they invited their friend.  I don't no what went wrong, BUT, they were sooooooo good!!! No fighting, arguing, bickering...they played so nicely then when it was time for bed, they went to bed....I am still in shock.

  I have to say...I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING CHILDREN.  (I know, you do to! that's why I know you will understand!)

 I worked in my little studio all day yesterday and came up with some cool stuff.  I know I have almost made it as I true artist....I have bandaids every where!  my fingers are a mess....I stepped on some metal, and it went thru my flip flop..Ouch,,,ect.,....woo hoo!  I may have spongebob bandaids all over me but i am an ARTIST!!!

Will post pics later....Have a Happy Day!!

Spring Break 2009...with their cousin (center)..Andrew?? where are you??

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