Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Finally SPRING!

Wow, I feel like we have been waiting forever......everytime its starts to get warm...another cold front comes thru.  Yesterday it was close to 80...today 50's and rain is a coming!  But I do love rain.

Been busy doing a little of everything around here.  Trying to get and keep the house in order, clean and ready to put on the market.  Would love to continue to work in silver, but with the prices only going up, and my silver inventory going down, I have been focusing on different mediums.  I have gotten back into Polymer clay....Love Love Love making cane.....I made around 100 Polymer Clay pinwheel stick pins for a fundraiser at the school. 

I was at the barn the other day, adopting a new bunny I couldn't resist, and saw a stack of empty horse feed bags.  I think I was more excited about the bags than the bunny.  So.......I took them home, washed them up and .......................

And we can't forget our new baby!

Isabel will be selling the bags to raise funds for her chicken!  Yes, she has her own chicken now, but it will reside at the barn!
Enjoy the day!