Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Sunday

No, I didn't plan on only blogging on Sundays....I have just lost track of all the other week days!  So........It's Sunday, the day after Halloween, and why do I feel like I just got thru the stressful preparation of Christmas?

All three kids had ideas what they wanted to be for Halloween and of course it wasn't something you could get at Party City..(I tried!!) so it left it to making it by hand.  Well, that would have been fine if ..1) they gave me a little advance notice and 2) I wasn't at the school all week running the book fair.....

3) and trying to fill orders when I wasn't doing all the other things I needed to do........ But I made it!  Sewing the last costume up about an hour before start time.......and all I wanted to do was crash on the couch...but couldn't do that.....I had made all those costumes for a reason......So off we went into the night.......,.,......and the problems began....

Halloween Parade was canceled due to we headed into the crowded downtown to trick or treat...small sidewalks......lots and lots and lots of people......and of course  my kids had the biggest and widest costumes of all...and they can't walk that fast twenty minutes in we were out of there.  Off to an easier place to beg for candy........but that still didn't go over well.....The robot was getting poked and couldnt see out of his hat...the soda can couldn't walk fast and was getting frusterated and the Egg (yes, that was suppose to be an egg, but I have limited sewing capabilities, no real pattern and in my limited time made it way tooo big and didn't have time to adjust) kept dropping her stuffing.....She looking like an egg hatching eggs...tooo funny!  So, we gave up, heading home and the heavens opened up......Soaking all.  That was when I called it a night and dragged a soggy can, soggy robot, and a droopy egg home for the night!!

All in all, I got a lot of laughs at the expense of my kids.   Have a great Week!!!

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