Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

It was such a productive weekend, and finally got everything posted yesterday.  Check it out at  THANK YOU to my favorite Canadian customer!  You made my day!

Today is going to be a first for me!!  One of my closest friends, always watching out for me, is taking me for a manicure!  OK  you may big deal...but for me it is.  I chewed, not bit, my nails for MOST OF MY 44 years......It was  like a self mutilation, taking my frustrations and lack of control out on myself.  GROSS, yes!!.  I would always fist my hands so no one would see..haha, like you can hide that.  WELL, things have changed.  On Feburary 7, when I thought my world was falling apart, I stopped biting my nails.  It was a totally unconscious action.  In a way, the frusteration I took out on my nails fanished.....wierd but when I question my decisions from that day forward I look down at my hands and rejoice.  (Now I am just trying to learn everyday activies with nails!  It's wierd)

Everyday there seems to be something new to be thankful for.  Today, I am thankful to my friends and customers!! Love to all!!


Death is not the greatest loss in's what dies inside us while we're alive.

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