Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Sunday

Another Sunday has arrived and I am up earlier than I would like.  Just can't sleep.  I hate when that happens, especially when I have the weekend all to myself and I can do whatever I want.  So here I am, typing away. 

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in my little studio and made many items I actually love.  Will be posting in my shop shortly.  Creativity abound, but then that also leads to carpel tunnel flare ups.  I need to wear the brace more often, so it doesn't get so bad....because I am not giving up my torch!

This week will be busy...getting costumes made for halloween, the boys have a bookfair at their school I am chairing, and the normal mom stuff.  My daughter is set on being an Egg for Halloween.  Not the type of costume you can buy, of course.  So I am looking for an Egg Pattern, or  ideas on what to do.  She wants her head to stick out the top of a complete egg (cracked on top for her head I assume) and her arms and legs sticking out. I am afraid my only option is to get out the sewing machine...EEEEKKKK.

My youngest son wants to be a robot.  So, we spray painted boxes silver......and they still smell like paint after 3 days. HELP!!!  Luckily I had an old broken tv, so tore that apart for parts.  I think it will look nice after we are done....hopefully he will be able to see out of it and not fall down........The middle son is waiting till the last minute, so he can watch mommy run around like a mad women trying to get him ready.  Always the considerate one. :)

So that's my current week in a nutshell!  What are you up to????

Monday, October 12, 2009

I couldn't resist

I ran across these pics of all my babies and couldn't resist posting....Tho' the littlest one has more than tripled in size, and the human ones have had a haircut or two since then...but then was only 6 months ago... :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Happened....

What happened to the weekend?  It just disapeared.  I sit here rambling and writing, trying to remember what I did.  Well, once I remember, I hope it was a productive and fun one! My beautiful kids were with their father this weekend, so I thought I would sleep in every morning and go to bed early every night.......reality is I couldn't fall asleep until late every night, and woke up early every morning.....thus...I am writing this after waking up from my last weekend nap till two weeks from now, confused at where the weekend went.  Kids are expected home in one half I must type fast.......

I do know I spent alot of time using my torch.  So I will label this weekend Earring Weekend.  Below are a few things that were just posted to my shop on Etsy......


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

It was such a productive weekend, and finally got everything posted yesterday.  Check it out at  THANK YOU to my favorite Canadian customer!  You made my day!

Today is going to be a first for me!!  One of my closest friends, always watching out for me, is taking me for a manicure!  OK  you may big deal...but for me it is.  I chewed, not bit, my nails for MOST OF MY 44 years......It was  like a self mutilation, taking my frustrations and lack of control out on myself.  GROSS, yes!!.  I would always fist my hands so no one would see..haha, like you can hide that.  WELL, things have changed.  On Feburary 7, when I thought my world was falling apart, I stopped biting my nails.  It was a totally unconscious action.  In a way, the frusteration I took out on my nails fanished.....wierd but when I question my decisions from that day forward I look down at my hands and rejoice.  (Now I am just trying to learn everyday activies with nails!  It's wierd)

Everyday there seems to be something new to be thankful for.  Today, I am thankful to my friends and customers!! Love to all!!


Death is not the greatest loss in's what dies inside us while we're alive.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just POSteD to my shop!

Happy Sunday!

Hope all are having a peacefull Sunday, and looking forward to the new week.  The adventure once again, begins. 

Last night, my daughter was at a GirlScout Camporee, so my twin boys thought it would be a good time for a sleep over, because their sister wasn't around to paint their tonails or put makeup on them while they were sleeping.  They had a point, so they invited their friend.  I don't no what went wrong, BUT, they were sooooooo good!!! No fighting, arguing, bickering...they played so nicely then when it was time for bed, they went to bed....I am still in shock.

  I have to say...I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING CHILDREN.  (I know, you do to! that's why I know you will understand!)

 I worked in my little studio all day yesterday and came up with some cool stuff.  I know I have almost made it as I true artist....I have bandaids every where!  my fingers are a mess....I stepped on some metal, and it went thru my flip flop..Ouch,,,ect.,....woo hoo!  I may have spongebob bandaids all over me but i am an ARTIST!!!

Will post pics later....Have a Happy Day!!

Spring Break 2009...with their cousin (center)..Andrew?? where are you??

Friday, October 2, 2009


Meribella is having it's first ever Sale!!!!  BOGO It's a buy one, get 31% off the second item .There is a need to celebrate the change of seasons, from warm to cold.....leaves are falling and it's getting darker earlier, so what better thing to do but SHOP!!!

Peruse my collection, I will be adding more thru the weekend.  Buy your favorite item, and then your next purchase or equal or lessor value will be 31% off!!  (I will refund the difference, or if you prefer, send you a corrected invoice before payment!)  OCTFUN (enter at checkout in buyers comments)

SHOP SHOP SHOP (and, as always, do not hesitate to contact me with ?????'s))))))

Have fun!