Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Beautiful Monday!

I usually hate Mondays, after coming off the weekend of a loose schedule, you have to get right back on the horse and start again.....I had a good weekend.  I was able to try some ideas out.

First up....I needed a new pair of earrings and wanted to use some dichoric gems that I had.  No two gems ever seem alike, and of all the dichroic glass I had...only two somewhat is the outcome... daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES horses and everything involved with them, so I tried to make her a horse necklace.  It needs fine tuning....but this is the first try....

Then of whole motivation for my art is Mommy Jewelry.....a tweeked my little people a little and this is my newest MOM Jewelry I made for myself...

So, since I played all weekend..its housekeeping day and off to finish a beef stew for dinner.  Happy Monday to all and to all a good Week!

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