Monday, June 6, 2011


It's is winding down, and it feels like it.  3 more weeks......the boys have given up on good study habits, I am trying to harrass them back into them, but its not always in me.

Bunnies are growing fast.  This weekend we all held them for the first time..  Prior to this, only Isabel was holding them and checking on them.  Mommy and Daddy bunnies are soo good.  Mom checks on her babies every time we go in there, just to make sure we are behaving.  Dad is so good with them.  We brought them out of their nest and let them hang out in the main pen.....they still don't have the hopping thing down, but had a great time chasing their parents around.  It's amazing how a little thing of baby bunnies get your focus away from the crap going on in your life and look at things with rose colored glasses again!

Off to do Monday things.........................

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