Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TEAM TUESDAY - Lets Plan a Party!

Welcome to the tenth edition of the EtsyNJ Team Tuesday blog hop! Here's how it works - write a feature about any EtsyNJ team member on your blog (as long or as short as you'd like it to be) and then add the blog hop code at the end of this post and check out all of the other great features - get to know the EtsyNJ street team!!

I have trouble finding just one EtsyNJ shop I like.  There are so many talented handcrafters in the Garden State!!! So, as usual I pick a few to focus on.......Today, I thought I would see what kind of party I could plan using all JERSEY made items.  It was so hard to narrow it down because there are so many cool items out there but I settled on planning a tea party....and all you have to provide is good friends, and fun conversation.!!

First...you need to send out invites!
I love these invites by:  happyhoundcreative

Nibbles are always a must, and I couldn't resist these cupcakes by: thecupcakemint

I couldn't resist adding these adorable coasters by:  theangryrobot

You can't forget the Party Favors!!!

and finish the table off with this lovely tablerunner by: LBaricsCrafts

Have a great day! and don't forget to check out the ETSYNJ TEAM at etsy.com


  1. Wow, this is such a good idea - featuring several shops with a common theme. The items are so cute!

  2. Love all the items!! I'm ready for a party!