Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where did the week go?

Wasn't it just Sunday, and we were finishing off the weekend, kids grumbling about school the next day??? HMMM It seems like every year things move faster. 

I posted new jewelry in my shop this week Meribella - Wearable Art.  Many of the items are $10.00, with FREE SHIP to US and Canada, so more affordable in this economy.  I think everyone is trying to save their pennies and watch what they spend on.  But we still need to splurge once in a while, don't we?  I am currently drooling over my Firemountain gems shopping cart....but can't seem to get the guts to finalize and PAY!!!

So not much else going on.....I thought I would share the following.....this Christmas, my boys and I were in BJ's Wholesale Club and watching a knife demonstration on these indistructable knives....yea, we have all seen this on tv....and hard to believe....but the boys  wanted to get them for their Dad, so we bought them......They ARE incredibly sharp, and can cut tomatoes paper thin.......but I guess when you try to cut chedder cheese, you don't get the same results.!~
Well, I am off to try to find where I can complain, and see if its worth trying to get a new one (The last I saw they wanted $7.95 for shipping....hmmm seems kinda steep considering the initial cost...guess you get what you pay for! 
Have a great day!!

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